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In Focus – Thurs Nov 21, 2019 – John McKenty on his new book “The Life & Times of Joe Perkins,”

by | Nov 21, 2019 | In Focus | 1 comment

John McKenty joins us to tell us about his new book “The Life & Times of Joe Perkins,” which traces the story of Joe Perkins from his early days minding the general store in Maberly through to his years as the unofficial mayor of Perth.

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1 Comment

  1. Rose Parsons

    I listened to your interview with John and just simply loved it . I for one will be certainly getting this book plus the one he did about the James. Knowing Joe all of my life as I am from Maberly and I also had relatives that drove the Taggart Transport trucks for him as well so he was considered a part of our family..Again also let me say a huge thankyou to all at lake 66 for all the interviews that you do. I now live not far from Niagara Falls and it’s just so great to stay intouch with home and the many that you interview that I connet with in the area. Please say Hi to Dave and let him know that an old school chum from P&DCI was asking about him.Oh and by the way I love my coffee every morning from my Lake 88 Cup.


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