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New cruiser to join SF Police Service fleet

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

Smiths Falls Police have approached council for a pre-budget approval of $50,000 to purchase a new police vehicle, as per the town’s asset management plan.

“Police purposed vehicles are only run through manufacturing at certain times of the year,” explained Police Chief Mark MacGillivray

Going on to explain that once the order is made, it can sit in a cue for several months before the vehicle is built and shipped. “I don’t like to go ahead and make the order until I have council approval,” said MacGillvray.

The expenditure was expected and is a line item in the Town’s 2020 budget. The new cruiser will be a 2020 AWD utility vehicle.

“Our police cruisers are front line, they’re running virtually all day every day, and a lot of urban miles on them and eventually they wear down and the cost of maintenance gets prohibitively high so it was important that we replace them on a periodic basis,” said Mayor Shawn Pankow.

In 2019 the local police force cognizant of the pressures on the town’s finances, had deferred the purchase of a new cruiser to 2020. 

“The initial discussion with the Police Services Board was a need for two new cruisers next year, but that was pared down to one, council  concurred that there was a need to maintain good quality vehicles for front line services and made a decision to move ahead with a pre-budget approval for a new cruiser,” said Pankow.

The new vehicle will be purchased through the Provincial Police Co-op to ensure the best possible price on the specialized vehicle.

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