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Parks Canada grants extension for plan to relocate Victoria Park Campground

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

Parks Canada has granted the town of Smiths Falls an extension to April 30th, 2020 to come up with a relocation plan for the Victoria Park Campground.

“Regarding an extension to planning the RV Park’s relocation, and given the complexity of the issues, I concur with the need to allow additional time to bring the planning process to completion,” wrote David Britton, acting Director Ontario Waterways in his letter to the town.

However he went on to say that this extension was a “one-time exigency”, suggesting that no further extensions will be considered.

According to Jennifer Miller, manager Economic Development and Tourism a lot of the groundwork is already in place. “We are looking at a variety of locations and trying to narrow things down so we can put a plan in place by April 30,” Miller told Lake 88 News.

The town has been working with the Chamber and Parks Canada over the course of the past year and has continued to meet over the past month. The next meeting with the federal agency will be taking place next week.

Parks Canada has also re-iterated it’s willingness to work with the town and Chamber over the relocation of the campground. “Parks Canada has previously indicated that it would be open to considering a longer period (beyond 31 Dec 2020) to execute the actual move, provided this can be shown to be a reasonable requirement of the plan,” wrote Britton.

The agency goes on to say that a decision regarding a revised deadline for the move will be put on hold until a relocation plan has been completed and the timing requirements are identified.

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