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Perth Baseball diamonds to see improvements

by | Dec 7, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

Between the town and a generous donation, it looks like the Conlon Farm ball diamonds are going to get quite the face-lift next spring. 

The Perth and District Little League have received a generous offer of up to $20,000 in labour and materials from Hartington Equipment, which added to the town’s proposal to invest $41,000 brings the total value of improvements to just over $60,000. 

Among the proposed projects are the rehabilitation of the Legion Diamond Press Box building, major repairs to the Backstop at the Community Diamond, as well as repairs to the roof and door of the batting cage. 

The Civitan, Community, Minor and Meter diamonds will also get some remedial work such as fence tightening, shaving of the infield and outfield lip, leveling, and backstop repairs.

Meanwhile the League is also planning to install six dugouts for the teams, add mesh on the backstops, provide tarps for the pitcher’s mounds and home plates, and add rubber practice mats for the home plate areas and signage. 

Town staff, are recommending that any cost association with permits for the dugouts be waived by the town.

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