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Warnings to be issued to idlers in Perth

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Local News | 2 comments

One of the recommendations that came out of the town of Perth’s Climate Advisory Panel was the enforcement of the town’s existing anti-idling by-law. 

On Tuesday December 17th, Council passed a motion requesting staff to prepare a report on an educational campaign to support the enforcement of that by-law. They also approved having by-law enforcement officers issue warnings with educational material to residents or visitors violating the by-Law. 

Although the motion passed Councillor Barry Smiths voted against it, because as he doesn’t think it’s practical.

“Well it was very tough for me to do, because I’m on the climate committee and I believe very strongly in it,” said Smiths. “I just don’t believe in this by law. I think it was kind of silly when it was introduced.”

The Councillor says he knows we shouldn’t idle cars, but he adds that he thinks the by-law is probably unenforceable, “Because what do you do at McDonalds or Tim Horton’s?  Is a by-law officer going to stand there and warn everybody coming through. Not likely.”

Perth has had an anti-idling By Law in place since 2017.

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  1. Wayne Steele

    Are they going to give a warning to a mother who is trying to defrost the windows of her car that was parked outside all night and warm the car up before taking her toddlers to school or day care? I think the anti idling situation is a good idea but it would be difficult to enforce on an overall basis. Each situation would have to have an individual judgement. Who will be warned and who will not?????

  2. Dannette

    This town is a joke! There is no way I am turning off my car in this weather. Tax payers money could be better spent elsewhere like fixing the horrible streets. 😡


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