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Lanark County Council discusses climate action plan

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

At the county’s corporate services committee meeting last Wednesday, CAO Kurt Greaves outlined a climate action plan which sparked a great deal of discussion on ways to improve our environment.

Greaves outlined a suggested plan to help the county engage in climate protection actions in 2020, funded through a portion of the province’s municipal modernization grant of $725,000.

The proposal included hiring a summer student, allocating $25,000 to help Lanark residents with home insulation improvements, funding tree planting through the local conservation authorities and creating a climate/environment services coordinator position in the fall.

Greaves noted that helping people reduce their greenhouse gases and fossil fuel use was a win-win situation whether through active transportation options or home heating efficiencies.  Both the environment and personal finances improve as a result.  He added that a lot of things we do now have negative impacts and that needs to change.   

The plan was approved by the committee and will go to the next full council session for ratification.


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