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Perth Residents Set Up Memorial For Victims Of Downed Ukrainian Flight

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

Two Perth residents have set up a memorial for the victims of Flight PS752 that was downed by Iran last week.

 It’s located behind Coutts Coffee House next to the parking lot beside the Tay.  

Local residents Grant Dixon and Barry Joynt thought it would be appropriate to have a way that local residents could express and pay their respects to the families of those Iranian families that have been impacted by this tragic event. 

Presently, there is a small memorial behind Coutts for workers who have died as a result of an accident at the work site. People are able to leave candles or flowers as a tribute to those that died. 

Joynt says through conversations with local residents, he was surprised how many have a connection through past or present work connections, to the hospitals, research centres and universities that were affected by the tragedy.


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