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Perth Proposing Master Grant Policy Changes

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

Some changes to the town’s Master Grant policy are in the pipeline. 

The town is proposing to update the terms of the Level 2 Grant that provides envelopes of $15 to $20,000 in funding to local organizations.

As it stands right now the Level 2 Grant, is a three-year commitment of funding from the town.  Staff are recommending changing that to a one year commitment so that Council can review and approve these grants every year.

“We find that it’s better to put it in front of council every year, and it gets complicated when you have a three year term, who started on what year and how long you’re providing funding for this group versus that group.” said Shannon Baillon, Director of Community Services.

Two of the local recipients of this grant are The Table and Yak.

“The changes mean more paperwork for us, and it was nice to know we had three years of funding, but I don’t think that going to be a problem,” said Rachel Roth, Executive Director of Yak.

The second proposed change would be to have recipients of the grant sign an agreement with the town for the funds, describing how the funds will be used.

“It makes sense that we as the municipality, to be responsible should be signing an agreement with whoever we’re handing that much money over to,” said Baillon.

The Table could not be reached in time for this story, but Yak’s Executive Director is actually pleased with this change.

“Signing an agreement is actually better for us, it gives us more certainty,” said Roth. “In the past there was no agreement and the town could have pulled out at any time.”

As Baillon points out the changes are largely housekeeping changes.

“It’s almost more a management reason for doing it.  It had nothing to do with the actual grants and managing them has been fine, but we just felt that that was a better way to do it,” concluded Baillon.


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