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Health care funding top of mind for Perth Mayor John Fenik

by | Feb 13, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

With the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital’s capital campaign reaching out to municipalities for support, the town of Perth is taking a sober look at the issue of municipal healthcare funding, and considering including it as a priority in it’s new strategic planning process.

(John Fenik, Perth Mayor – file photo)

Mayor John Fenik told Lake 88 news, “The healthcare issue is really quite sobering when you take a look at it. And it’s that big baby boomer bulge in the middle of the age range, which I’m part of, that going to be moving into needing healthcare services, long term care beds, that kind of thing.”

The Mayor says while many municipalities view health care as a provincial issue, he thinks its important that it is discussed at the town level. “I think it’s really important that, at least for the town of Perth, we work it into our strategic plan for the future and be partners in strengthening our health care system – our long term care bed system,” said Fenik. “A healthy community isn’t reflective of that’s being provincial federal or municipal – a healthy community is about really working together,” concluded the Mayor.

The issue was brought forward in a presentation by Town Treasurer Brian Burns which not only focused on direct funding for the hospital, but also on the creation of a favourable community that can attract more doctors and healthcare providers.

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