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Changes coming to Smiths Falls noise by-law

by | May 21, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

Changes are finally coming to Smiths Falls’ Noise Bylaw. The town heard a report on a current proposal for the new bylaw during Tuesday night’s virtual Committee of the Whole meeting.

Smiths Falls has been in need of updates to its noise bylaw for a while. The currently used iteration of the bylaw dates back to 1973. It’s so out of date that it still contains references to gramophones, but the new one will reflect more modern language. The town heard from Director of Corporate Services, Kerry Costello, about proposed changes to the bylaw which, aside from updated terminology, will also include a definitions section and a set fine provision.

Smiths Falls Mayor Shawn Pankow told the meeting that it was about time for an update. “I think, as it’s been stated, this is long overdue. Much appreciation for the hard and extensive work of Director Costello. I’m looking forward to giving people the opportunity to enjoy their property more without interruption and disturbance.”

Set fines of between $125 and $250 are recommended based on the severity of the violation, but need to be approved by the Ontario Court of Justice before they can be implemented. Information on provisions and exemptions on things like Fireworks can be found in the bylaw proposal which can be reviewed here.

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