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Highlights of the May 19, 2020 Special Council Meeting of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills

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During the COVID-19 pandemic Council business continues to proceed using web and telephone conferencing. Council meetings are streamed live and recorded on the Municipal YouTube channel.

After receiving input from key stakeholders, Council approved the revised Volunteer and Adopt-A-Park Policies. The Volunteer Policy’s aim is to promote and support volunteerism with the Municipality. The policy does not impact how other organizations recruit or manage their own volunteers that operate within the municipality. The volunteer policy helps to protect individuals who volunteer as well as create a framework for the management of municipal volunteers.

The Parks and Recreation Committee along with the Manager of Recreation drafted an Adopt-a-Park policy to help improve parks within Mississippi Mills by inviting interested members of the community to work together to help care for parks. The application form as well as additional information will be posted to the municipal website, should you have any questions related to the Adopt-a-Park policy please reach out to the Recreation Department at 613-256-1077.

The Fire Chief brought forward a report regarding the ongoing support of the Lanark Highlands Fire Service specifically regarding responding to calls within the White Lake area. The Lanark Highlands Fire Service (LHFS) is currently in the process of completing a Fire Service Master Plan for their community. Depending on the outcome and approval of the plan, this may impact the level of service and response required from the Mississippi Mills Fire Department. As such, Council approved continuing to provide coverage of the White Lake area when requested by LHFS without compensation until September 1, 2020.

Council approved additional safety measures for Ottawa St. intersections based on the Technical Memo of Ottawa St. Intersections prepared by Parsons. The new measures include: adjusting the leading pedestrian intervals to allow for a 3 to 6 second advance for pedestrians when crossing Ottawa St and aligning stop bars to enhance visibility for motorists to see pedestrians when crossing the intersection. These safety measures are in additional to other measures that have been previously put in place by Council. In an effort to improve safety and traffic flow on Paterson St. near Orchard View Council approved no parking restrictions on Paterson St. between Robert Hill St. and Tatra St. The restrictions will include: no parking on the West side of the road, and no parking on a portion of the East side (within 9m of both entrances to Orchard View). No parking signs will be installed in the near future.

The treasurer presented the fourth interim financial report to Council regarding the financial implications to the municipality as a result of COVID-19. The full report and implications can be found in the May 19th agenda package on pages 67-76.

Lastly, Council approved the award of municipal-wide service delivery review to StrategyCorp. The project will review existing services provided by the municipality, identify efficiencies and potential modernization, highlight areas for improvement including potential gaps, and indicate what the municipality is doing well. The goal is that the service delivery review will be completed by the end of August 2020.

Upcoming Special Council meetings (all meetings are conducted via e-participation.
The live stream can be viewed on YouTube Channel: Get To Know Mississippi Mills)
• June 2, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.
• June 16, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

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