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Major project delayed in Carleton Place

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Local News | 3 comments

At a special meeting of Carleton Place town council Director of Public Works Dave Young presented some shocking financial news on one of this year’s most central capital construction project.

On June 29th, town staff opened the only bid received for the remediation project on the McArthur Island bridges at the end of Princess Street.

It was planned that this project, which included new water and sewage mains would be completed later this year. The work is required to meet the schedule to replace the central bridge on Bridge Street next year. The two small island bridges are expected to carry detour traffic as well as municipal services.

The bid came in at twice the expected costs of $1.6M.

Young noted that area contractors were running at full capacity this year and couldn’t take on any more work.

He recommended that council reject the bid and delay all the bridge projects by a full year in order to receive more competitive quotes.

Deputy Mayor Sean Redmond noted that for shop keepers facing an entire season of business disruption in 2021 after the impact of this year’s pandemic, this delay might give them time to improve their financial health. Council approved the motion to reject the bid.

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  1. Marjorie Bryant

    I agree with Council on the decision to delay the work for one year providing the central bridge will be safe to use in its present condition for another year.

  2. Marc

    That was a wise decision, why should CP had to pay extra because it’s too busy out there.
    Good job !

  3. Mike

    How about some land tax relief in light of the covid crisis?


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