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In Focus – Fri July 17, 2020 – Tics and Lyme disease treatment in the Canadian health care system: Jennifer Wheeler

by | Jul 17, 2020 | In Focus | 2 comments

We welcome Jennifer Wheeler who talks about tics and Lyme disease treatment in the Canadian health care system.  

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  1. Donna Lugar

    Thank you for this informative discussion. Hopefully you will keep the topic going as stories need to be heard as they are all different.

    Although awareness/prevention is very important, the education of our health care providers is even more so as different responses are received.

    With testing that is not 100% accurate and the total focus on only one type of erythema migrans rash (the bull’s eye), many people are going undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed, potentially becoming one of the over 100,000 Canadians diagnosed with Medically Unexplained Symptoms.

    We also need more money and research to answer, once and for all, whether Borrelia burgdorferi can be transmitted from Mother to baby; whether it can be sexually transmitted; whether the bacteria can persist after treatment; whether the bacteria is an underlying cause of some deaths; and so much more.

    Please keep the discussion going.

  2. Myrna Lee

    I spoke on Lyme Disease on Lake 88 back in 2014 and my interview sounds a lot like this one with Dr. Wheeler. There have been no improvements to the testing, diagnosis or treatment of Lyme Disease in all that time, despite both provincial and federal bills on this issue. Why can our very expensive health units ignore obvious faults in the health system? Is there no accountability???


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