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Carleton Place Council discusses plea for more funding for watershed erosion control

by | Aug 12, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

At Tuesday evening’s virtual session of Carleton Place council’s committee of the whole, members voted on a motion to lobby the province for more local watershed erosion control funding. 

Council’s representative on the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Jeff Atkinson explained that this was part of a province-wide move by municipalities to achieve an increase in a fund established by Queen’s Park in 2003 at $5M annually, but which has not seen an increase since. 

The Councillor commented that applications to the WECI fund as it’s known, regularly exceed its limit by as much as 150% and that up to 20% of funds allocated are returned to provincial coffers due to the complicated bureaucracy and project timing regulations involved.

He noted that much of the MVCA’s water control infrastructure was aging to a critical point and without an increase in provincial funding, local municipalities would face   a substantial financial burden to maintain crucial dams and other systems. 

The letter to the relevant Ontario government ministries proposed in the motion would hopefully bring attention to this challenge.

At the conclusion of their discussion, the committee passed the motion.

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