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Galipeau Centre seeks support for residential growth over the next two decades

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

Smiths Falls will see almost two thousand new residential units built in the next two decades if developers of the Gallipeau Centre get the support they need.

Graham Bird presented Town Council with preliminary maps and schematics that would see the Gallipeau Centre become the central hub of a thriving Smiths Falls suburb.

Bird, the president and CEO of a real estate developing company hired by the TAG Gallipeau Corporation, hopes to work together with Smiths Falls to expedite applications for industrial, commercial, and residential developments.

Expected to roll out in phases over the next fifteen years, the developments would include up to 1800 residential units between commercial space along Queen Street and a bolstered industrial complex in the Gallipeau Centre.

Councilor Niki Dwyer described the development as “ambitious and hopeful” since it projects a growth rate four times larger than what Council has planned in previous years.

Fellow Councilors agreed the development would be a major boost for Smiths Falls economy and morale, but a revised concept plan will need to be completed for next year’s first quarter before any taxpayer support can be garnered.

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