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Perth discusses alternate plan for landfill expansion project

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

New plans for the Perth Municipal Landfill could see council and staff members taking more managerial positions within the project.

An alternative construction plan for the landfill expansion project will be reviewed in November. Highlights of the cost-cutting plan could include several locally sourced materials, new designs, and a phased implementation whereby staff and council approach contractors directly for each stage of construction.

At a recent Committee of the Whole meeting, Mayor John Fenik expressed hopes that a municipal group effort could alleviate financial burdens on the town. Fenik was supported by Director of Environmental Services, Grant Machan, and engineering consultant, Jamie Hollingsworth, to argue multiple changes exist whereby costs could be lessened.

The new plan comes in response to a complex web of setbacks. The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted all but essential construction and reduced available labour resources as many workers opted to stay on CERB benefits. These delays pushed the project toward the more expensive winter construction season, a difficult obstacle when expansion is already projected to cost over two million dollars beyond budget.


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