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Carleton Place Council discusses new Right of Entry bylaw

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

At this week’s virtual committee of the whole meeting of Carleton Place council, a new right of entry bylaw was once again on the table for discussion.

Town staff was seeking council’s approval for a right of entry bylaw as permitted by provincial legislation. 

It would give municipal inspectors and bylaw enforcement officials the right to enter private property without the owner’s permission (or even in the face of their denial) to carry out inspections or any municipally ordered remedial work. 

No warrant would be required, but the permission would be limited to open property areas and not inside any dwellings.  Councilor Andrew Tennant and Mayor Doug Black expressed opposing views on the proposal.

Councilor Andrew Tennant stated he didn’t feel that his position gave him the right to impose such measures while Mayor Black noted that in a community growing at Carleton Place’s rate, staff needed the proper tools to do their jobs.

As with the new property standards bylaw, passed by council earlier in the evening, the motion to move forward the right of entry legislation was carried by a narrow 4 to 3 margin.  It will be on the next council meeting’s agenda for ratification.

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