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The Table’s Ramsay Hart presents pandemic survey results to Lanark County Council

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

At Wednesday’s virtual Community Services committee meeting of Lanark County Council, The Table’s executive director, Ramsay Hart gave a report on a recent local pandemic survey.

In July and August almost 800 Lanark residents completed a 43 question survey, provided by the Table in collaboration with the majority of community service providers in the county. 

Respondents covered a wide range of household income levels and those in the lower tiers were experiencing the biggest share of negative impacts from the pandemic. 

For example, Hart pointed out that 42% of the lowest 2 income groups reported that they didn’t always have access to enough healthy foods.  And 66%  of lower income households stated that the pandemic had made access to food worse.  When it came to housing, 12% of all income groups noted that the pandemic had impacted their housing situations. 

A substantial majority, 69%, answered that nothing was missing in terms of responses to Covid-19 but of those that did find gaps, the top three complaints were lack of consistent and clear information, rules and enforcement, and municipal and local MPP leadership.



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