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Lanark County Council honours volunteers and frontline workers

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Local News | 0 comments

Lanark County Warden Brian Campbell (File photo).

Lanark County Warden Brian Campbell (Tay Valley Reeve) made a presentation recognizing the outstanding work of both volunteers and frontline workers in the community.

This comes in lieu of the usual Awards of Excellence presentations this year. The awards were established by council in 2005 as a way to recognize and thank volunteers and organizations making extraordinary contributions to Lanark County.

“The volunteers we have recognized in the past have contributed a tremendous amount of time, while expecting nothing in return. They are role models and community builders, and their quiet actions make a huge difference in our community,” he said, noting in this exceptional year, many volunteer organizations have been forced to halt activities and special events.

“With that in mind, the decision was made this year to not solicit nominations for the Awards of Excellence, as we would not be able to recognize the potential recipients in a significant way, as we normally would during a formal presentation at County Council.”

He said this year’s selection committee discussed recognizing frontline workers as an honorary recipient, but has opted to stay true to the awards, which recognize those volunteering their time.

“Separate from the Awards of Excellence, as the Warden of the County of Lanark, and on behalf of County Council, I would like to formally recognize the efforts of all frontline workers during the pandemic on a plaque of honour in the Lanark County Administration Building, as well as on our website and in the local media,” he said. “As a council and a community, we are deeply grateful to all the frontline workers who are working tirelessly to help keep our communities going and ensuring our residents are safe. Throughout this pandemic, we have seen you display acts of courage, selflessness and genuine caring for your community. We would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment to your positions, which has ensured that we are all able to continue to enjoy the luxuries that come with living in Lanark County during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Campbell added it is hoped the Awards of Excellence nomination process can continue as usual in 2021.

“I thank the citizens in Lanark County who enhance our community through their volunteer efforts before, during and after the pandemic. Your steadfast generosity, particularly during these uncertain times, is leaving a legacy for our community. On behalf of Lanark County Council, I wish to thank you for continuing to act as community builders and role models for all of us,” added the warden.

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