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Twin apartment complexes planned for 1820 Rogers Road

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

HarbourEdge Realty wants to develop two identical 52-unit apartment buildings behind the existing building at 1820 Rogers Road.

The corporation took possession of the lot two years ago and converted the unfinished 26-unit condominium into rentable apartments intended for occupancy this July. Now HarbourEdge wants to remove an inactive industrial building from the lot to make way for the two proposed rental developments.

Councillors expressed unanimous support for the plan at this week’s Committee of the Whole. While Councillor David Bird commended the idea as it increases Perth’s housing stock, he voiced concern that residents in the area might not appreciate being literally looked down upon by dozens of incoming tenants.

“It’s an issue for quality of life for the people who are already living here, not that I’m arguing against what we’re doing here. It’s just something we have to bear in mind: our responsibility is to people already here.”

The new buildings would each feature four units for residents with accessibility needs, and the rent for each of the 104 units would be inclusive of everything except electricity, including wi-fi and major appliances.

No concrete timeline was intimated at the meeting, but work is expected to begin with the approval of the amended site plan agreement.

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