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Smiths Falls Council hears of surprise discoveries as renovations to town hall continue

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

Dan Wojcik from +VG Architects returned to Smiths Falls council to discuss hidden ceilings, historical relics, and accessibility elements in the Town Hall renovation project.

At Monday’s Committee of the Whole, Wojcik explained that a drop ceiling had hidden the heritage elements of the original lofty ceiling. Antique ceramic street signs and other “pieces of Smiths Falls history” had also been discovered during assessment of the building, and these elements are intended to be restored along with the ceiling. Wojcik added that the heritage restoration will be complemented with modern accessibility upgrades, including a universal washroom and barrier-free ramps and doors.

Residents of Smiths Falls can look forward to a period of public consultation before design plans are finalized in autumn. Councillor Peter McKenna suggested an in-person consultation would invite more interaction and discussion from the community than a virtual meeting. Mr. Wojcik agreed, and would like to display design plans physically so residents can have a chance at thorough examination.

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