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High praise for CPDMH Echocardiography Program

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

The Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital Di
agnostic Imaging team has received a Certificate of Accreditation for its echocardiography services.

An extensive review of the program is completed every four years.

Hospital President and CEO Mary Wilson Trider said, “This recognition demonstrates to the public, our patients and our team that we place an emphasis on continuous learning and ongoing improvement to achieve high levels of quality.” The CEO added, “Congratulations to Diagnostic Imaging Department staff who have worked diligently to achieve this goal.”

The certificate is provided by the AC Diagnostics EQI Program, a quality improvement accreditation initiative for all facilities providing echocardiography services in Ontario that ensures each facility taking part in the program aligns with CorHealth Ontario’s stringent standards.

The hospital is also offeing its gratitude to the CPDMH Foundation and local residents who provided the team with the modern, up-to-date ultrasound equipment used to provide echocardiography services through fundraising and donations. 

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