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Perth finds big savings for landfill project

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

At Perth town council’s committee of the whole meeting Tuesday, Councillors learned from staff that questioning the status quo can have benefits.

One of this year’s major public works projects for Perth is the municipal landfill expansion and it turns out, one of the costliest items involved is the purchase of clay to line it to protect the environment from toxic leaching.

The Ontario government has consistently ruled that natural clay is the only material to be used and the price tag for Perth was going to be over $1.2M.

Staff researched the matter and found an Ontario company manufacturing a synthetic fabric embedded with clay that would offer the same protection at an extremely lower price.

They were able to receive provincial approval to use it at a cost of $150K instead of $1.2M. Purchase details and approval have yet to be finalized.

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