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LFK Green Party Candidate Calvin Neufeld – Green Party is the Champion of Local on all fronts

by | Sep 17, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

Lanark Frontenac Kingston Green Party Candidate Calvin Neufeld tells Lake 88 news that his party is all about local.

He calls them the champion of local and of small and sustainable which is what is needed in the current climate, bot financially and environmentally.

The candidate adds we need to seize the opportunity the pandemic has provided to find other ways of eating, living, travelling and being in this world. Neufeld added that we also need to use it to find other ways of doing politics because business as usual has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy, and the brink of climate catastrophe.

Our coverage of Canada Votes 2021 continues today when we welcome Florian Bors, Candidate for the People’s Party of Canada in Lanark Frontenac Kingston on In Focus, after the news@noon on Lake 88.


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