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Proposal to equip Lanark homes with organic waste recyclers on the table at County Council

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Local News | 0 comments

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At this week’s session of Lanark County’s public works committee, staff and consultants brought forward a proposal to equip area homes with organic waste recyclers.

Michelle Vala, the county’s climate environmental coordinator provided an overview of a proposal from an Ottawa firm, Food Cycle Science which has developed and produced the FoodCycler.

It is a powered container with a grinder mechanism that can turn each kilogram of food waste fed into it into 100 g of dry odourless soil amendment material within a matter of hours.

The company’s suggestion was that the county consider subsidizing part of the costs of these devices to be offered to Lanark residents.

They claimed that each machine can divert up to 400 kg of waste from landfills annually.

The consensus around the table was to forward the proposal to the county’s climate action committee for further review and possible inclusion in next year’s plans.

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