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Rideau Community Health Service continues efforts to bring health hub to Smiths Falls

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Local News | 0 comments

The Rideau Community Health Service (RCHS) is still working on establishing a health hub.

Their CEO spoke to Smiths Falls council on what the group hopes the large scale project brings to the region.

RCHS offer varying community, health and social services to the surrounding region and they want to do it all under one roof.

Michele Bellows says a 30 to 40,000 sq ft plot of land would do quite nicely, but that’s in an ideal world.

They want to offer their services on top of having indoor and outdoor spaces for those passing through.

The idea’s been around since 2017 but a pandemic pause made the project cold until a reboot last fall.

Bellows said the price tag would be hefty – $10 to 15 million, but the people they serve would be better off with it.

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