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Perth Council reflects on growth, while looking at Carleton Place as an example

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Local News | 0 comments

During the Councillor report portion of Perth’s council meeting this week, Councillor Brock McPherson asked the question, “What doesn’t Carleton Place council like about their rate of development?” after hearing of their dissatisfaction with some of their growth.

CP was recently named the fastest growing community in Canada.

Mayor John Fenik responded that Carleton Place Mayor Doug Black has stated publicly that the rate of increase has caused his community to lose its small-town feel.

He added that Black commented to him that the higher density of new residences has resulted in a less vibrant downtown.

Both Fenik and Deputy Mayor Ed McPherson held up Carleton Place’s situation as an example of why its necessary for Perth to carefully decide how they want to see expansion proceed to avoid, as Fenik put it, “out of control” growth.

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