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Lynda D’Aoust

Lynda D’AoustHost of In Focus, Wednesdays 12:10 pm

Lynda joined Lake88 in 2013 as a host on In Focus where she chats with many interesting guests from within our listening area.

Born in Montreal, she grew up in a military family and attended schools in Ontario, Quebec and England. While working in Ottawa, she married, had two children, Michael and Sharon, but chose Lanark County to settle and raise her family.

Lynda owned and operated a bakery/café in Lanark Village for several years during the Kitten Mill days when Lanark was booming.

When the children were grown, Lynda returned to school to study Media Communications with a focus in broadcasting. She worked for a time doing interviews with cable television, but realized that radio was where she wanted to be.

She lives in Lanark with long-time partner, Mark where they hike, bike, ski and cook together. Lynda especially enjoys family times together with the grandkids.

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